Dienstag, 9. Mai 2017

Final preparation for test flights

One day to go until the first test flights of ACLOUD. All instruments are alread installed in the racks, on the wings, below and above the aircraft fuselage. All scientists are still doing final checks, calibrations and try to bring the data aquisition to perfection.

But also a lot paper still have to be filled for finalizing the full technical documentation that is needed to get the official flight approval. This is one of the most thankless task for scientist and acutally deserves a photo here. I just forgot to take pictures of people sitting in front of a computer.

Surprisingly, the cabins still look quite spacious. Unfortunately, this will soon change when all the seats, benches and survival equitment will be loaded. So many boxes with tools and spares will have to travel via regular air freight. Therefore, we will be able to have some operators on board during the ferry and hopefully already collect some data on our way to Svalbard.

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