Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2017

Meeting Polarstern

On Tuesday Polar 6 had the first meeting with Polarstern. One goal was measuring aerosol next to Polarstern. On Polarstern aerosol measurements are carried out as well, so comparisons are possible.
Yesterday, for further comparisons and also for detecting clouds even in low level flights, the pointing direction of the LIDAR was changed to look upward, like it is doing on Polarstern.
Terminus of the glacier close to Longyearbyen
At the beginning of the yesterday flight, a glacier on the way to Ny-Aalesund was overflown in low altitude to measure the albedo and the reflectivity. At the AWIPEV observatory in Ny-Aalesund all remote sensing instruments were running and are providing a good opportunity for comparisons.
The meeting with Polarstern and Polar 5 & 6 went really well and the measurements provided good results.

Also yesterday the pilot crew of Polar 5 changed as scheduled and a new pilot and a new copilot had control of the plane. In the next days also the new pilots of Polar 6 will arrive.

Polarstern breaking ice

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