Dienstag, 6. Juni 2017

Second week over and spring arrived

The second week of ACLOUD flight activities ended with some spectacular clouds in the Isfjorden and spring like temperatures in Longyearbyen.
Polar 5&6 did fly for a fourth time to RV Polarstern. Yesterday it was the third time in a row we could sample the "same" clouds. At least clouds in the same air mass, which was warm air transported from south-west and sliding over the cold sea ice. The measurements worked well and we were quite surprised, that these clouds still produced a lot of ice crystals.

Also in the Isfjord a special cloud was present all the day close to the mountians. Streched like a snake along the slope of the mountaind, it reminds to the Maloja Snake in the Alps.

Here in town and sourrounding, the snow melts very quick. Also some first tiny flowers were discovered.

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